2018 marks the seventh  year of the festival, “Season Seven”, which has grown significantly to incorporate award-winning, talented chefs and beverage artisans from the far corners of the Northeast, vintners from all over the globe, as well as attracting attendees from the six New England States and beyond. The festival takes place October 11-14, 2018.

Now more than ever we recognize the importance of educating the public about diversity, promoting sustainability and working toward the common good. Please join us for Season Seven of the Taste of WGBH Food and Wine Festival, where we celebrate variety as the spice of life.

About The Festival

As the #1 producer of PBS content in the nation and a local New England broadcaster, WGBH truly is a public media powerhouse. With Julia Child and The French Chef in 1962 to April Bloomfield on The Mind of a Chef today, WGBH is the landmark for educational food television.

The Taste of WGBH Food & Wine Festival was created to offer a tangible interface where the public, chefs, producers, television personalities and partners could unite in the spirit of education, inspiration and entertainment. With a bounty of great artisans in New England, we are determined to establish a knowledge of this region as a destination of quality and character, and to further understanding of regions throughout the country by promoting food and agritourism.



  • It’s not an Expo or Fancy Foods Show.
  • The events are not filled with packaged foods companies giving out samples.
  • There  are no lifestyle brands with booths.
  • Full of Real Food. Unlike other food and wine events, we attract a significant number of nationally acclaimed chefs, on average 25 restaurants per event, who deliver delicious & thoughtful dishes onsite.
  • Quality Engagement. Events capped at a reasonable # of attendees to optimize engagement and minimize overtaxing those serving. Overwhelmingly chef-owners and managing partners represent their businesses onsite. It may “look and smell” like a consumer event, but the great turnout of industry attendees makes this a selling and recruiting event as well.
  • The RIGHT Demographic for You. Ticket prices and WGBH Foundation supporters = highly desirable demographic of diners, travelers and shoppers attending the festival.
  • Filled with Like-Minded Businesses. We handpick our vendors and partners to ensure the right fit, both in terms of quality and aesthetic.
  • Marketing Disguised as Education. Our demos, activations and other features are more than just a pretty face or celebrity name- they deliver fascinating content from respected pros.
  • Promoted Regionally. Through television spots, radio spots, billboards, print, web and social, reaching millions throughout New England and Nationally.


Event Details

Consumer-Facing Site:


Chef's Gala- October 11th, 7*-10pm

This Premier event is the most formal of the Festival, taking place inside the WGBH Television and Recording Studios in Boston. Special musical guests play a live show in the Calderwood Studio and you get face to face interaction with guests as they walk around for this tasting. Hosted by Jim Braude and Margery Eagan.

Each Chef is assigned a premium wine or one of a few very special craft beers, and you create your interpretation of a dish to pair with the beverage. Assignments will be made by October 1. All dishes and beverages are sample-sized portions to be plated and paired onsite. 750 portions

LOAD-IN: 3-5:30pm


***VIP Lounge opens at 6:30pm

artisan taste- october 13th, 2-9pm*

Based on feedback from 2017, we’ve shortened this signature Grand Tasting event to make it easier for you to participate. Event features live music, PBS personalities, chef demos in the culinary theater, sponsor activations and a range of opportunities to engage with the public.This is a Grand Tasting event. All dishes and beverages are sample-size, 1500 portions.

LOAD-IN: 11am-1pm


*Grand Tasting portion for restaurants ends at 5pm-IN

Artisan Taste PIG ROAST- 6:15-9pm


If you would like to be considered for the Culinary Stewardship Award, be sure to review those details and requirements.

Brunch Bar- october 14th, 11am-2pm

The most popular of all the festival events, this brunch Grand Tasting has a multitude of activities for attendees, and opportunities for participating  restaurants, beverage producers and partners, similar to the Artisan Taste. Event features live music, PBS personalities, chef demos in the culinary theater, sponsor activations and a range of opportunities to engage with the public.

This is a Grand Tasting event. All dishes and beverages are sample-sized and tend to be brunch-oriented. 1000 portions.

LOAD-IN: 8:30-10am


ALL Vendors must clear out of event between 2-2:30 for next event.

FOOD FIGHT- october 14th, 5-7:30pm

The most casual of the events, but with just as much enthusiasm and a great  turnout of Industry attendees.

Event features live music, PBS personalities, chef demos in the culinary theater, sponsor activations and a range of opportunities to engage with the public. This is a fun and exciting competition event where the public nominates their favorite chef/dish to throw down in a head to head challenge. 1000 portions.

LOAD-IN: 3:00pm-4:00pm




location & Contact

Located at the WGBH Studios at 1 Guest Street, Boston.

Contact: Tess Hartwell • (six-one-seven) 545-3224

  • All participating restaurants and beverage producers receive 3 passes. We have a limited number of additional passes available for purchase at a discount of 40%.  Use code VEND18:
  • Please note this is a 21 and over event! No children will be granted entry to the event. If you have staff under 21 who will be assisting onsite, please let us know in advance.

Accommodations & Parking


  • More info to come...

Parking at the Festival

  • Parking is free in the multi-story parking garage adjacent to the Festival, on Guest Street. If the gate is down when you arrive, simply take a ticket. It will be up to let you out when you leave.

Onsite Provisons

Delivery and Load-in

  • Deliveries for non-perishables you wish to have held onsite for your arrival should be made between 10am and 4pm on October 10 or 11 to 1 Guest Street, Boston at the dock in the rear of the building.
  • Day-of LOAD-IN at the back of the building where the dock area is unless otherwise instructed. We will have volunteers onsite with carts to help you shuttle things in/out.


  • Tables
  • Linens
  • Glassware for attendees
  • Bowls/Plates/Napkins
  • Waste Bins
  • Dump buckets/rinse pitchers for those serving beverages
  • Culinary Volunteers (restaurants only, with advanced notice)
  • Ice upon request
  • Access to wi-fi
  • Power
  • Tabletop Sign With Organization Name and Origin

Health & Safety

  • Onsite we provide restroom facilities inside the building for all participating businesses. You'll need to show your badge at the dock for access.
  • We provide handwashing units in the staging area, but you are responsible for bringing a handwashing solution for your table. We will have sani-solution onsite for your use.
  • Please be sure that all product is stored per health department guidelines at all times.
  • The health department has begun cracking down on those with hair failing to wear hairnets or hats. Please be sure to wear a hat or we will provide a hairnet.

Cooking/heating onsite

  • NO GAS or FLAME-BASED cooking of any kind is permitted onsite! Cooking/heating must be done with electric burners or electric sterno chafers. A few induction burners and electric chafer heat units available onsite to lend for those who may need them.


  • Green room refreshments provided onsite by Flavour Events


  • We are working diligently to make this a zero waste event. We have compostable serviceware being provided by Greenwave and will partner with organizations for onsite water service to eliminate bottled water; and food waste removal to an offsite composting facility. Please bring a refillable water vessel for each staff member.

Additional Info

Professional Headshots or Band Photos

Please contact Melissa Ostrow at melissa(@)MeloPhoto.net