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For the 14th consecutive year, PBS was voted #1 in public trust in a nationwide study: significantly outscoring Commercial Cable Television and Courts of Law. Partnering with PBS increases purchase preference and positions your brand as a leader. The majority of our audience are high income earners, well educated, progressive and conscientious. The likelihood that these individuals will purchase from sponsors or advertisers is nearly twice as high for PBS viewers than viewers of cable or commercial broadcast television. Couple that with the demand for a trusted independent news source in today's political climate, one that is dependent upon support from partners and private donors, and you have the perfect catalyst for quality customer engagement. The Taste of WGBH Food & Wine Festival is the SINGLE largest fundraising event for the foundation annually. Please join us!

Social Media & Impressions

With a national audience of loyal followers, WGBH offers partners the benefit of positive association among a diverse group of educated spenders across the country. WGBH boasts over 10 Million Page Views at WGBH.org and an impressive social media reach accross all channels. With increased audience engagement, chef contests and added media partners including billboards throughout the greater Boston area, we expect social to go ballistic in 2017. For more details on reach, please see the 2016 Festival Deck.




DO NOT SEND TO THE CITY OF BOSTON! Please send the completed form to us at:

1337 Massachusetts Ave. #132

Arlington, MA 02476


(only applicable if you are serving samples)

Thanks to Our 2016 partners