WGBH Culinary Stewardship award

This award was created to celebrate the impact of PBS food television programming, whose mission has been to advance the understanding, appreciation and quality of wine and food, in concert with the symbiotic mission of the WGBH Educational Foundation to educate, inform and inspire.

The award celebrates a chef who educates or informs on food topics or cooking techniques, inspires others to try new things, and contributes to the improvement of food quality by investing in a sustainable food supply chain. The award can be given for a number of reasons: from creative use of ingredients, to storytelling about and support of the local food supply chain, as well as educating diners on ethnic and regional dishes, or a combination of these qualities.

One chef will receive the Award. 50% is weighted based on application responses, 50% is weighted upon the dish presented at the WGBH Food and Wine Festival Artisan Taste event on October 7th, and judged by a panel of food industry experts and local and national media. The awardee will be announced at the close of the event.


2016 Culinary Stewardship Awardee

Chef Chandra Gouldrup of The Farmer's Daughter

Dish: Featherbrook Farms Chicken and Chorizo Taco- crispy heirloom corn tortilla, harissa carrots, Great Hill blue cheese yogurt and salsa verde


Prior Awardees

2015- Chef Jason Bond, Bondir